Trimmer – 1999

Bloom 4.75” (12cm) x height 25” (64cm)


**Double 95%**


Gemini Jack has round pastel lavender double blooms with beautiful plum eyes and nice ruffling all set off by an intense yellow green throat. This one performs beautifully in England and is almost dormant.  The flowers are just perfect and a clump puts on a long vibrant display for a long time.  I usually get rebloom later in the season which is a lovely bonus.  Great addition for the front of a border.


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Trimmer, Jane – 2007

Bloom 9” (23cm) x height 42” (107cm)


*Unusual Form Cascade-Spatulate*


What a stunner.  Rose cinnamon blooms with black plum eye above yellow-green throat.

It has 3 way branching with a good budcount and puts on one hell of show.  Exotic.


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Salter – 1996

Bloom 6” (15cm) x height 26” (66cm)

Early-Mid/Evergreen/Tetraploid and reblooms in UK


Yellow with a bold purple eyezone that covers most of the petals. Small lime-green throat.   On rebloom the flowers are around 7” or more.  Makes a very showy clump.


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Reed, Margo – 2005

Bloom 7” (18cm) x height 30” (76cm)


*Unusual Form Cascade*


A lovely unusual form cascade in purple grape with bright yellow-green throat.  Lots of twisting and curling of the petals and sepals especially on a hot day.  Limited.


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Murphy, Jim – 2006

Bloom 8” (20cm) x height 40” (102cm)


*Unusual Form Crispate*


What a great addition to the late border with clear sunny yellow blooms above intense green throat. The overall impression is very green.  Nice branching and lots of blooms help make this a great late cultivar for any border.  Very Limited.


I find it does not reach the registered height in my garden.


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King-Lamone – 1999

Bloom 8.5” (22cm) x height 28” (71cm)


*Unusual Form Crispate*


Soft sienna amber with green suffusion and mahogany dusting above clear green throat.

This cultivar flowers taller than the registered height in my garden.  Gorgeous in a clump.


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