Harwood – 1997

Bloom 7” (18cm) x height 23” (58cm)



Outstanding colour!  Burgundy purple with purple-black eyezone, yellow-cream halo and very green throat.  This one starts blooming quite late in the season for me and is always a welcome surprise.  Great for the front of a border.  Unique


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Salter – 1998

Bloom 5.5” (14cm) x height 22” (56cm)



Gold self with yellow-green throat, extreme ruffles and a small yellow edge.  Sometimes I have seen pleating in warm weather – see my photo.  It has very heavy substance and often looks like it is made of leather!  It puts on a great front of border show with nicely branched scapes.  Very hardy.


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Abajian, G – 2005

Bloom 3.75” (10cm) x height 27” (69cm)


*Small Flowered Unusual Form*


A lovely little Unusual Form for the front of a border or even a large pot.  It is a pale vanilla cream with an explosive layered  violet-blue eye, outlined in magenta, that covers most of the face.  The sepals have an unusual pattern that compliments the petals.  A large citron-green throat beautifully accents the unique flower.   When it establishes it makes a lovely clump with a multitude of small exquisite flowers.  You will see from my photos that it looks almost white on a very hot day and more cream on a cooler day.


**Please note this cultivar is not suitable for pot culture unless it is given winter protection in a greenhouse**  Hardy in the ground once established - it is from Florida so slightly tender until established.  Barking thickly around the base for winter keeps it safe and is so worth it - its gorgeous.


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Hensley, Dale – 2010

Bloom 6” (15cm) x height 32” (81cm)


*Double 90%*


Fiery orange double with red veins above yellow to green throat.  Petals are ruffled with lighter edging.  Good branching and budcount and lovely dark green foliage.  This one just draws you towards it – a fabulous focal point at the front of a border.  Choice, limited and never seen for sale in UK.


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Salter – 2002

Bloom 6” (15cm) x height 31” (79cm)



A pale lavender flower with a darker grey-lavender eye accentuated by a large appliqued yellow throat that appears to be sprayed on surrounding a small green heart.  It is slightly narrow and strappy and substance is smooth – great for crossing with Unusual Forms.  Good branching and budcount makes this a very desirable cultivar.  Very limited.




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Rice, J - 2007

Bloom 6” (15cm) x height 38” (97cm) and reblooms in UK

Mid season/Evergreen/Tetraploid


Reddish burgundy with a large cream watermark and bubbly yellow edge which turns into little teeth on a hot day.  An established clump has good strong branching and a mass of blooms – then it has a short rest and sends up more scapes.  Desirable.


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Trimmer – 2000

Bloom 6.5” (17cm) x height 28” (71cm)



Pale amber-gold-yellow with big pale plum eye and large green throat.  The flowers are very big and sit on top of the foliage like a mass of waterlilies.  Unusual


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