Carpenter, J – 2004

Bloom 8” (20cm) x height 36” (91cm)


*Unusual Form*


What a beautiful sight is presented with these large bright red-orange blooms that are beautifully displayed on strong erect scapes.  A cross of (Primal Scream x Red Suspenders) that are both very popular cultivars.  Rarely ever seen for sale and very limited.


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Murphy, J.P - 2007

Bloom 6” (15cm) x height 38” (97cm)

Very Late/Dormant/Diploid – very fragrant

*Unusual Form*


This very late lemon flower has a creped texture and a cream edge on hot days.  Lovely height and budcount and a nice crisp scent.  This is one of the very last to flower in my garden so a great one to add to late flowering perennial beds or just as a lovely late focal point anywhere.  Oh, and it has extended bloom which means the flowers last until late in the evening.  I have included a photo of Olfactory Evidence flowering in September with almost every other daylily finished for the year.

Very choice and only a few for sale. 


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Lambertson – 1998

Bloom 9” (23cm) x height 36” (91cm)


*Unusual Form Crispate*

Medium orange with burnt orange eye above green throat.  With huge flowers and good height it makes an impact in the border. 


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