Salter – 2002

Bloom 6” (15cm) x height 26” (66cm)

Mid-season/Semi-Evergreen/Tetraploid & reblooms in UK

*Shows small teeth in UK*

A bright cerise rose-red blend with a burnished gold edge that has large ruffles and tiny teeth.  It is very full, round and overlapped with good substance.  Well branched scapes and reblooms later in the season in UK.  Pretty. 


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Hanson, C – 2001

Bloom 7” (18cm) x height 30” (76cm)


*Unusual Form Cascade*


A very unusual flower in a soft pale lemon-yellow.  The 7” extremely reflexed to pancake flat flowers are boldly triangular with flaring strap-like petals and sepals which have a deep ruffle around the edge in a lighter shade of lemon.  It is a full nocturnal that begins to open shortly after midday. I just love these flat faced flowers – very unique.


  • Limited Availability
  • Delivery in 10-14 days