Trimmer – 1999

Bloom 6” (15cm) x height 28” (71cm)



Gold amber with cranberry-red eye, yellow-green throat and wide, cranberry-red edge.  This one has a large flower, scapes are tall and budcount is high.  A very hardy evergreen which multiplies well. 


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Santa Lucia – 1998

Bloom 7.5” (19cm) x height 36” (91cm)


*Unusual Form*


A lovely red self with great colour clarity and stand out yellow-green throat.  Year after year this one amazes me and has been a favourite from the very start of my collecting.  The flowers ALWAYS open in UK no matter what the weather and a clump in full bloom makes you stop in your tracks and admire.  Stately and very showy.


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Trimmer – 1992

Bloom 3.25” (8cm) x height 14” (36cm)


*double miniature*


What a little gem this one is with little peach double blooms with a purple eyezone and green throat.  I have never seen a single bloom on this one.  Very hardy and good in a pot.


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Salter – 2001

Bloom 6.5” (17cm) x height 28” (71cm)



A very bright rose magenta colour with a lime green throat punctuated by a light watermark.  The flower is huge and has great visual impact in the garden.  It is broad, full and ruffled with heavy substance.  Fantastic for the front of the border.  Very limited


  • Limited Availability
  • Delivery in 10-14 days