Marx-Hensley – 2007

Bloom 3.75” (10cm) x  height 38” (97cm)


*Unusual Form Crispate*


A striking small flowered Unusual Form in bright orange with bold red eye and small yellow-green throat.  WALTER’S TANGO was hybridised by Walter Marx during the 1950’s, but was not registered.  It remained in relative obscurity for nearly 50 years.  Worthy of introduction even in today’s marketplace, it was registered by Dale Hensley in 2007.  It has four to five way branching with 22 or more buds – it puts on a breathtaking display later in the season.  Great planted in a mixed border among lower growing perennials as a bright focal point.  Never seen for sale in UK.


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Davisson, J – 2009

Bloom 8.5” (22cm) x height 43” (109cm)


*Unusual Form Cascade*


This is one fantastic plant and I am finally able to offer a couple for sale.  It is tall, late, fantastic wide spaced branching and huge in your face flowers.  It performs fantastic in England and is one of my very top favourites – 4-6 way branching and up to 30 or more buds once established.  Neon gold 8.5” flowers open perfectly and look great viewed from all angles - on hot days the edges go paler. Lots of twisting and curling.  Superb and limited. 


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Salter – 2002

Bloom 6” (15cm) x height 24” (61cm)


*Unusual Form Crispate*


A coral blend with yellow-green throat. The petals fold and quill into points and then the gold edge is just wild with huge ruffles combined with teeth on hot days.  There is so much ruffling to come out of the unopened bud that it starts opening the day before (see my photo)!  Very different with loads of buds.


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by Dan Trimmer


Mid season bloomer

Unusual Form


37" tall x 7" flowers. 


Cream yellow with black purple eyezone and yellow green throat.  As the weather warms up the eyezone gets darker and bigger and the cream yellow turns almost to white.  Good branching and budcount making a lovely clump.  My photo was taken mid summer and you can see what a lovely show it puts on. Not often seen for sale in UK.  Imported by me.  You will get 2 nice fans.


3 available


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Shooter, E – 2007

Bloom 7” (18cm) x height 34” (86cm)


*Unusual Form*


A gorgeous rose-lavender flower with a large centre of green feathering out into dusty blue –lavender and peach.  It has light purple midribs and a pencil lavender edge.  It is not quite as tall as registered in my garden but has nice branching and budcount. This is one exquisite flower and never offered for sale in UK.


Only 2 for sale at present.


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Joiner – 1998

Bloom 7.5” (19cm) x height 36” (91cm)



Large and tall !  A unique Pompeian red flower with a huge ginger watermark and huge yellow to green throat, both of which significantly spill onto the sepals.  I am sure this flower is bigger than 7.5” as it is huge and a clump is a sight to see.  A magnificent daylily.


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Salter, E.H – 2001

Bloom 3.5” (9cm) x height 26” (66cm)


*Small Flower*


Grape with light plum eye and an impressive white gold edge all around the petal edges.  Form is very round, full and overlapped.  The throat is small and yellow-green.  Well branched scapes and lots of lovely small flowers.  Lovely at the front of a border, in a pot or planted among small plants on a path edge.


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